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Franchisee Information

Individuals who are well connected and have large network of friends and acquaintances can benefit from this tremendous opportunity.

All you need to do is browse through the opportunities forwarded to you through the PEOPLE™ website and refer a suitable candidate to apply online with your reference; or, help place the recommended individual in touch with a recruitment executive at PEOPLE™.

If your recommended individual is hired, you will receive 25% of the individual's first month salary or 25% of PEOPLE’s placement revenue - whichever is lower.

If however the individual is not hired, his/her CV will continue to reside in the Recruiter Database of PEOPLE™ and will be continually referred to clients until the individual is employed at a later stage. Whenever the employment is effected you will be entitled to automatic payment.

Eligibility Criteria

Becoming a CareerGuide is easy. You qualify if you are educated and:

  • Are employed or have been employed with in a formal enterprise at middle or senior management position/s, where you have supervised or interviewed staff for formal employment;

  • Have a keen eye for talent and can easily match people to vacancies;

  • Have a large network of friends and acquaintances who you can influence to explore or pursue an employment opportunity.


If the answer to all of the above is Yes, you can request for a meeting online with the Executives Incharge for this function at PEOPLE™ at Once you are selected following a preliminary meeting, you will need to accomplish the following

  • Sign a franchise agreement which will outline the terms and conditions of the contract, your rights and responsibilities

  • Deposit the Franchise Fee US$170/- (A one time charge to cater to the expenses relating to instituting a franchise, including agreements and training etc.)

  • Deposit an annual membership fee of US$20 (An annual expense to cover the cost of referrals and communication with Franchisees)


Once you become a franchisee with PEOPLE™, you will receive the following material:

  • Franchisee ID to access PEOPLE™ Website and CareerGuides Members lounge.
  • Training Pack & Toolkit
  • Business Cards
  • License Certificates


The training pack contains information on:

  • What are Job Description Documents.
  • How are Organizations Structured.
  • How are Jobs classified and what are job families.
  • How to match people to vacancies.
  • How to conduct Structured Interviews.

It will also answer you questions pertaining to

  • How to make referrals,
  • How to access the web site,
  • How to update your own information on a regular basis,
  • How to keep track of your referrals and
  • How to claim your reward.

In addition, our Franchisee relationship managers will be available to train and provide guidance at all times.