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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several benefits of becoming a Franchisee such as; you can earn hundreds of thousands of Rupees on a monthly basis just by referring the right people to PEOPLE™. What's more you can grow your network further as people find out that you can support their careers.

What kind of job vacancies need to be filled?

A wide variety of jobs are available, ranging in stature from domestic help and going up-to the chief executive level for large businesses. Another aspect in terms of diversity are the various industry types we cater too. Clients include banks, consumer goods companies, educational institutes, hotels and restaurants, service organizations, sales / marketing and trading companies etc.


How does one find out about the vacancies available?

There are two ways to do that:

  • You can log in to the PEOPLE™ website with your User ID and Password and view the job listings updated regularly.
  • You can provide a secure email address where new additions to the job listings can be emailed to you on a regular basis.


How do I refer people to PEOPLE™?

There are two ways that people can be referred:

  • Every franchisee is assigned an ID. You can ask a person to apply on line by completing an online application form and inserting the ID of the referee in the relevant field on the application form.
  • If you would like to create a profile of an individual yourself you can do so by completing the online application form. However for this you will need a detailed resume of the person with all relevant details.
  • If the above are not workable options which can be the case with senior executives, you can provide the contact information of the person you wish to refer to our online recruiters who will then obtain relevant details online and create a profile.


How do I ensure that people referred by me have been logged under my name?

You can check your account frequently to view the list of people referred by you.


Will the people I refer know that I am being paid for the referral?

It is up to you to decide. These are things to be considered by you with regards to your own circumstances. As a matter of policy the Firm does not mete-out any such information. However the Firm also does not assume any liability in this regard.


Who will decide whether a person is suitable for a role or not?

The ultimate employer will decide about the suitability of an individual for a role.


Can I contest a hiring decision?

No. Hiring is solely the discretion of the employer / Client who may reject an individual without assigning any reason.


Can a Franchisee find out the name of the ultimate employer for a vacancy?

Not before the placement has been made.


Do all jobs advertised on the PEOPLE™ website offer the Franchisees a reward?

Jobs where the Firm is seeking Franchisee support a listed on a separate job board. However Franchisees can refer CV's to the website for consideration which can earn special awards etc albeit there is no monetary compensation associated with such referral.


How frequently are vacancies updated?

As and when new jobs are mandated to the Firm or on a weekly basis.


Can franchisees also market for PEOPLE™, if yes how will they be rewarded in that case?

Yes. However you will have to qualify for a Premium Service Franchise the terms and conditions of which are not provided at this stage and will be listed separately.


When do I get paid?

Within 6 weeks of placement starting from the joining date of the individual referred.


How do I get paid?

A personalized statement is made available to you through your online log in account which regularly updates the status of your individual referrals and the rewards you have accrued over a period of time. Claims can be made in writing through an online request and crossed cheques are mailed out at the addresses provided.


What is the validity of the Franchise Agreement?

The initial agreement is for a period of one year, upon successful completion of which the agreement is renewable for a three year term.


Can a Franchise be cancelled and under what circumstances?

A detailed list of terms and conditions is laid out in the franchise agreement, breach of the terms mentioned within can lead to the cancellation of a franchise and or other such action by the firm depending upon the extent of the damage caused to the firm.


What are the responsibilities of a Franchisee?

Please refer to the franchise agreement for an exhaustive list.


What IT measures should I take to ensure that the above are avoided?

Please keep your computer updated with the latest and most effective anti virus software.

Please avoid leaving your computer switched on for long periods when not in use.

Do not open files and attachments received from sources that you are not sure about.

Keep the junk mail security filter to the High Level filtration.