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HR Strategy and Organization Development

One of the biggest challenges that organizations have to face in today’s dynamic environment is that of creating a best fit for organizational design to facilitate smooth operations and peoples’ management.

PEOPLE™ provides a comprehensive solution for issues pertaining to human resource and organizational design and strategies. In order for PEOPLE™ to provide comprehensive solutions following the proposition for business and product concepts, the firm engages in the implementation of proposed solutions by facilitating the actual establishment of business divisions and functions in a wholesome manner. This involves understanding the business, capital, systems and human resource needs of our clients and gaining an insight about their overall business philosophy viz. a viz. market realities and trends, to devise befitting organizational structures, processes and systems.

PEOPLE™ designs and implements these business solutions with the help of extensive research and a thorough analysis of latest business management theories and practices. This approach and methodology enables formulation of optimal solutions, customized to client organization’s needs.

People ™ offers following services in the HR consulting area:

  • Development of an appropriate organizational model
  • Job description documents
  • Job evaluation assessments and assigning symbolic pay grades
  • Salary ranges and bench marking remuneration
  • Performance management systems
  • Defining requisites and formulating policies for handling them
  • Drafting and completion of employee reference manuals

For People™ clients and related assignments in the above areas, please check Our Experience Profile.