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prepare and organize training content

Training & Development / Prepare and Organize Training Content

The content of the training course should link directly with problem areas identified in the needs assessment and the training objectives. The training content can be organized in outline form to help prioritize and sequence the material. The end result should be that the training content is presented at the correct level to meet the objectives of the trainees.

  • The training content and flow of information should maintain the interest of the audience
  • The training content can be organized in outline form
  • Each step in the outline should contain a distinct message that may be presented in introduction, body and conclusion form

In some instances the trainer may have a very clearly defined objective, even before the needs assessment. For example, when a new law is being introduced, certain groups may need to be informed about the new law, how it will affect them and their responsibilities under it.

Outlining the training content will help identify the key messages to be presented.

Presentation of a message is usually organized into the three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. One or more messages may be covered in each meeting session.

Introduction – Opening statements should attract attention. The introduction should include such key points as the purpose of the session, an outline of the information to be covered, how the information will be presented, how it will achieve the purpose of the session and the personal benefit to the trainers. A primary consideration in planning the introduction of a talk is to acknowledge what the trainees have been exposed to prior to this presentation and to address what information will follow.

Body – The information presented should flow in a logical way. The message should not be overloaded. A few well-developed points are more effective than too many.

Conclusion – A summary of the main points should be made. Trainees can be asked what specific action should be taken following this course. Close with a strong final statement. New information should not be presented at this time. A trainer has the attention of the participants primarily at the beginning and end of a session. Therefore, for greatest impact, it is good practice to make key points in the introduction of the topic and to summarize them again at the end.