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Document Verification Services

  1. 1. Business Process Outsourcing
    1. 1.1. PEOPLE™ Payroll Management
    2. 1.2. Verification Services
      1. 1.2.1. Document Verification
      2. 1.2.2. Physical Verification
    3. 1.3. Valuation Services
    4. 1.4. Income Estimation and Business Appraisal
    5. 1.5. Local/SME Credit Report
    6. 1.5. People Perfect Pay

People™ has complete background & employment verification solutions of a comprehensive selection of background checks i.e., previous employer verifications, educational degree verifications, address verifications, etc. People™ partners with its clients to create tailor made screening programs that enhance security, reduce liability, and improve productivity and cost savings in the candidate selection and hiring process.

If client’s goal is to hire the most qualified, honest and dependable employees, look to People™ for comprehensive employee background screening needs, whether potential new staff is from across the nation or around the corner. People™ objective is to provide clients with superior service, experience and results and avoid falsified employment applications, negligent hiring liability and turnover with a goal of minimizing the legal and financial risks in hiring decisions. Presently following services are offered:

1. Education Certificate Verification

Credentials including dates attended, year graduated, degree/diploma/ certificate received, special achievements/awards.

2. Professional License/ Certificate Verification

Verifying the date of the license/ certification award, e.g., ACCA, LLB, LLM, CA, CFA , MBBS, etc. and the current status of the license.

3. Pre- Employment Verification

Verifying previous employment claims including period of joining, position/s held, earnings, reasons for quitting, rehire status, performance evaluation/tracking.

4. Personal or Professional Reference Verification

Verifying an applicant's reliability, criminal past, and character – by interviewing the reference providers.

5. Address Verification

Physically verifying candidate’s current and permanent addresses.