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WPS Compliant & security enabled Pay Card - People™ Perfect Pay Card

In a Perfect payroll world, all employees in an organization would have their own bank accounts and would proactively elect to receive their pay via direct deposit and/or cross checks. However, the reality is that not every employee has a bank account in UAE or can easily open one for a variety of reasons. Employers in the hospitality, restaurant, retail, transportation sectors in UAE economy, a greater proportion of workforce is likely to be part of the unbanked population hence creating a great need of People™ Perfect Pay.

With the availability of People™ Perfect Pay card, employers have a viable payment option they can use to electronically pay their unbanked workforce to achieve secure, on time and cost savings disbursement method.

Why Perfect Pay

Card user can use People™ Perfect Pay on:

  • ATMs using UAE Network Switch within UAE
  • 1.4 million ATMs worldwide displaying VISA logo
  • Use on POSs in 30 million merchant outlets worldwide
  • Use on line to buy, book, etc.
People Perfect Pay

Benefits to Employees

From an employee's perspective, there are also intrinsic advantages and benefits when using a Perfect Pay card offered to them by their employer instead of being paid otherwise:

  • Replace Checks/Bank Accounts to get salary
  • Experience increased safety and security associated with not having to physically carry their entire pay in cash
  • Secured and timely salary transfers
  • Slashing down bank’s typical hectic procedures
  • No need to waste working hours at bank counters
  • Can be used ATMs on UAE Switch Network
  • Can be used around the world wherever VISA logo is displayed
  • Can be used to buy through POS in the shopping malls around the world and/or on the Web
  • Employee can opt to have their employer issue a secondary card to allow family members to access wages in UAE and/or abroad (coming soon)

Benefits to Employers

Apart from the initial set up costs associated with rolling out People™ Perfect pay card program, employers will immediately eliminate the other recurring costs associated before adopting Perfect Pay card.

Other benefits of pay card deployment and use for employers include:

  • Automate salary payment with a convenient solution
  • Fully compliant with WPS and UAE labor law
  • No hassle to open a bank account to transfer salaries
  • PIN based card for security
  • Local acceptance via UAE Switch Network
  • Worldwide card acceptance at POS & ATMs displaying VISA Logo
  • Monitor and track salary disbursements through reports
  • No Cash handling
  • Customer Service Support via Internet and/or Call Center

Proud Partners

MAF Finance Bank of Ajman Visa UAE Switch